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The Structural Steel Department has grown steadily since 1990, and has gained a reputation for having talented, skilled workers willing to tackle projects of virtually any size. Platforms, stairs, catwalks and supports of a commercial or industrial nature, give us a call.

This initiative has rewarded  ASM Industries with an enviable record of projects to date. With customers from coast to coast across Canada, there is no limit to the scope of projects that  ASM will take on.

Using modern technology, ASM Industries  can complete these projects quickly and efficiently, while still being sensitive to customer demands. Equipment and techniques that we use include:

  • 20 foot by 5 foot CNC plasma table with the capacity to cut through mild steel up to 1.25” inches thick.
  • Heavy gauge roller capable of molding metal as wide as 48 inches
  • TIG, MIG, and Arc welding techniques
  • Shearing and braking machinery to cut and bend mild steel 10 feet long by ¼ inch thick
  • Seam welder for consistent professional tig welds unmatched by any hand welds

With this wide range of machinery and array of metal working methods, ASM  has become a cornerstone in the metal fabrication market. Put us to the test and see for yourself.

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